• Longdistance Primaloft Jacket

    Longdistance Primaloft Jacket

    The best choice for lightweight adventures

  • Alpha Pro Jacket

    Alpha Pro Jacket

    A new jacket in pink and blue, which will keep your dog warm in all conditions.

  • Bike Antenna

    Bike Antenna

    An accessory for biking and scootering with your dog safely.

  • DogRunner


    Makes running a pleasure! Running belt with retractable leash and two water bottles.

  • Freemotion Harness

    Freemotion Harness

    Freemotion is our flagship harness perfectly fitting to most of the dogs.

  • Combined Harness

    Combined Harness

    Harness with built-in reinforcement around the neck to be used for pulk or skijoring.

  • Line Harness

    Line Harness

    The all new and updated Line Harness is the perfect alternative for walking your dog without using a collar….

  • Nansen Nome Harness

    Nansen Nome Harness

    The best choice for teams.

  • Trekking Belt

    Trekking Belt

    Universal belt for trekking with dogs.

  • Running Belt

    Running Belt

    Revolutionary running belt.

  • Comfort Belt

    Comfort Belt

    Belt for passionate skiers.

  • Hunting Jacket

    Hunting Jacket

    Freedom of movement, perfect protection and outstanding visibility in one vest.

  • Pro Warm Jacket

    Pro Warm Jacket

    Insulated jacket for those colder days.

  • Long Distance Jacket

    Long Distance Jacket

    The best choice for teams.

  • Running Line

    Running Line

    Elastic line is gentle on both yours and your dog’s back.

  • Strong Leash

    Strong Leash

    Comfortable leash available in three different lengths.

  • Reflex Leash

    Reflex Leash

    Simple leash with reflective piping.

  • Polar Click Collar

    Polar Click Collar

    Practical collar with reflective piping and plastic buckle.

  • Polar Collar

    Polar Collar

    Comfortalbe collar with reflective piping.

  • Active collar

    Active collar

    Wide and very comfortable collar with reflexive stripe.

  • Safe Collar

    Safe Collar

    The safe collar is suitable for any activity in the forest or during nighttime.

  • Polypro Collar

    Polypro Collar

    Simple, adjustable collar without a buckle.

  • Solid Bootie

    Solid Bootie

    Solid protection for paws.

  • Red Bootie

    Red Bootie

    Lightweight bootie made from durable fabric suitable for winter time.

  • Amundsen Pack

    Amundsen Pack

    Ergonomical, high-end technical backpack with many innovative features.

  • Paw Ointment

    Paw Ointment

    Herbal paw ointment with healing substances.

  • Safe Life Jacket

    Safe Life Jacket

    Safe life jacket is a safety equipment, a swimming teacher as well as a rehabilitation tool.

  • Baggy Bag

    Baggy Bag

    “Doggie-bags” for excrement are always there when you need them.